Coo the Cuckoo


Towards the end of last term, Miss Devlin’s P.1/2 class entered a competition to name a cuckoo. Various names were suggested and the children voted for their favourite one which was Cian Shepherd’s ‘Coo’. Cian said he chose Coo because that was the sound that was at the start of the word Cuckoo. This was then sent to the British Trust for Ornithology which organised the competition in collaboration with EDF Energy and the Pod.

To great excitement, we learned that the children’s name was a winner! The great thing is that Coo’s travels can be tracked by anyone on the BTO website. Our Coo is a very impressive bird. In May, he began his migration in England, but by the end of September he was enjoying the heat in the Congo Rainforest in Africa! He was also the first of the cuckoos being tracked to get there, a journey of over 4,000 miles!

The Belfast Telegraph mentioned our success in a recent article.

Well done to Cian and his classmates!