The School Day

The School Hours are as follows;-

P.1 & P.2 9.15am – 12.25 pm
1.00pm – 2.00 pm

P.3 – P.7 9.15am – 12.25 pm
1.00pm – 3.00 pm

There is a mid-morning HEALTHY BREAK from 10.45am to 10.55am during which
children are given a piece of fruit, a bread stick and a drink Of milk. We ask for a
voluntary contribution of £l .50 per week (£1 for P.1 & P.2).

P.1 and P.2 children can attend a Waiting Class from 2pm – 3pm. This costs 50p per day,
including a snack.

Pupils are requested to be punctual each morning, As teachers are engaged in
other duties, supervision of pupils cannot be guaranteed before 9am. Pupils should
be collected promptly at the end of the day unless they are involved in after school