January – August 2002

As the New Year arrived and we returned to school, the building continued. Soon the roof would be finished and most of the work would then be happening inside the school. Click to see photos of how the school developed until June 2002.

In May, members of the building team took some time out to come to the school and be interviewed by the P.5, P.6 and P.7 pupils. We also found out about energy conservation in the new school.

In June, Some of the P.7’s made a video tour of the school . Some photos and a plan can be seen here. We also drew some pictures of the mobile school and wrote our thoughts about the new school.

On Friday 28 June 2002, we said goodbye to the mobile school and went on our summer holidays. There was a little sadness, but a lot of excitement that we would be coming back to our brand new school.

In July, Mrs. McCrory continued working, making all the arrangements for the new school.

In August, the mobile school was dismantled and the site cleared.


At about the same time, the new school was officially handed over to Mrs. McCrory.
Her dream had finally come true!